Bryce’s Adventures in Missions!

Hey everyone!
I hope your Thanksgiving was a great one. Mine was a good one but different with it being my 1st Thanksgiving away from my family. I was able to spend the day with my team, my coordinator and his family plus some friends; it was a good day.
Hard to believe it is December and I have been in Mexico City for 6 months. Lord willing, on the 15th I will be heading back to Richmond for the Holidays and I am very excited to see some of you and I hope to get to spend time with you. With it being the holidays I would like to give something back to you, so I would like to invite you to a cultural lunch at Sylvan Nook Church of Christ at Noon on December 20th. It is going to be a good time full of good food and a presentation of everything that has happened here in my first 6th months and what is to come for the 2nd half. I would truly love to see you there.
Well this month has been another one full one of people coming to visit. In the beginning of the month we had some friends who are in AIM in Leon Mexico come over and visit for the weekend and we had a good time with them. Then after they left I got a visit from my Grandpa. He came down and I got to show him around the city and some of my favorite places here. We went to the pyramids and we climbed both of the pyramids that were open to climb. It was a great visit.
This month has also been a month of transitions. The rest of the 2007 AIMers that were here except for one have left and the last one is leaving in December. It has been a time of a lot of sad goodbyes for them, trips to the bus station, one to the Airport, and a karaoke party after Church one Sunday to celebrate their time here and a little way to thank them. With them leaving they still had some LST readers who wanted to continue to study so I have 2 new students. I’m thankful for the new open doors for me to share God’s word. Please pray for me and my students – thank for your prayers. I also ask you to pray for the 2007 AIMers who are just getting home and making the transition from being on the field and living in a foreign country to going back to the states – this can be a difficult transition.
This month is going to be a fun one; here for the two weeks then I am going to be home. Some of the missionaries are leaving for Christmas as well so the Christmas parties here are a little bit earlier. We are also going to have a Christmas party with the youth group here on the Saturday before the team and I head back to the states. Also I will be getting more ministries lined up so that way when I come back from Indiana I can hit the ground running.
Thank you for everything and can’t wait to see you!

AIMing for Chris
t in Mexico,
Bryce Ballard, November 10, 2009


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